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Orlando Summer League Champs!

Orlando Summer League Champs!

Free at last, thank God Jeremy Lamb is finally free at last!




The NBA Summer league ended a few days ago. If you missed it (and you probably did), you really didn’t miss much. The action often resembled a sloppy scrimmage or impromptu pick up type game you’d find at you local gym any given Saturday morning and typically resulted in huge blowouts (sometimes even by a 40-50 point margin). But once you get past the overall lack of competitive nature or flowing offense and focus on the individual performances day in and day out, the past 10 days of Summer League action was actually worth the monthly cost of NBA TV alone. It was definitely more than enough to satisfy any Basketball fan going through summer withdrawals like my self.

After the season come to a close, the next taste of real NBA basketball would be the Summer League. Since Lebron finally got his ring, focus quickly shifted to next season and the brand new talent entering the league, headlined by the one and only, Anthony Davis. Sadly the “Brow” would be a not make his professional debut in Vegas, but rather on overseas with Team USA -where he’s currently playing the role of a 1992 Christian Laeteneer. But no worries, with fellow college stars like Kidd-Gilchrist, Lillard, Beal, Robinson, Rivers, Drummond and Barnes all set to play, the 2012 Summer league was still a big deal as fans everywhere anxiously awaited to see their favorite teams draft pick in action for the first time.

So how did they fare against the competition? Luckily, most of the guys listed above didn’t disappoint. As a whole, this years lottery/first round picks looked solid, with a few clear stand outs who put on a show and a few others who, well, lets just say they have their work cut out for them. I’ll start things out with a short summary of the the best. Here’s my top three:

Moving on, the majority of the remaining first round/lottery picks looked solid. Beal, Barnes, Robinson, Terrence Jones, Waiters, Ross, White, Zeller, Sullinger and Leanord all put up decent numbers and made a good impression one way or another. Personally, I was most impressed by Torontos draft pick, Terrence Ross, who displayed a nice stroke as well as probably the best athleticism of any guard drafted. Portland’s new Center, Miles Leonard, looked much better than expected. He appears to be light years ahead of Andre Drummond, anyway. Lastly, Houston’s Royce White made a name for himself in a few summer league games by showing his high basketball IQ, feel for the game and versatility for a PF. Maybe now people can stop talking about his off court issues, and focus on his game.

My personal disappointments of the Summer League were Austin Rivers, Perry Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrisht (let me explain) and Andre Drummond. They all may be “NBA ready” as the rest of the rookies, but here’s a breakdown of why they basically left me wanting more.

This years summer league is only the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and successful NBA career for all off this years rooks. Eventhoug people may use these two weeks to label some rookies as the “next big thing” or the latest “bust”, remember a whole season (and preseason) is still left to play. The verdict isn’t out on any of these rookies yet. One of the players I didn’t mention could end up being Rookie of the year. You never know. There could very well be another Jeremy Lin we don’t know about. 

Too lazy to watch NBA Summer league games? Too busy at the Pool trying to survive this East Coast Heat wave? Or maybe you just don’t have NBA TV? Well, you really haven’t missed much, but I still got you covered. Here are the highlights of the league so far courtesy of Oakley & Allen. Enjoy!

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